Soprema Pvc

At Tyrone Roofing Services, we are also proud stockists and practised fitters of Soprema Flagon Pvc. This cutting-edge single ply membrane can be used on a wide range of applications: from ballasted roofs and roof gardens to mechanically fixed systems and more. Indeed, this innovative product has taken synthetic liners to another level and, at Tyrone Roofing Services, we can see why:

*High weather and UV resistance
*Excellent flexibility
*Resistant to many chemicals
*High puncture resistance

*Life expectancy of over 30 years
*Compatible with wide range of installations
*Environmentally friendly
*BBA Approved

PVC Alkorplan Roofing

At Tyrone Roofing Services, we are also fitters of Renolit Alkorplan, ply roofing membranes which are based on monomeric PVC-P. That’s quite a mouthful, so instead, here are a few of the benefits offered by Renolit Alkorplan, in a language you can understand:

Cost Effective

* Installation costs are less as 1 single 30m2 roll replaces 6 bituminous rolls in a 2 layer system.
* Waterproofing can be up to 5 times lighter than traditional, multi-layered systems, allowing you to save on your structural costs.
* Maintenance costs are low; with a bi-annual inspection often all that is required.

Physical Properties

* Offers vapour permeability
* Flexible to the specification of your roof
* Static and dynamic perforation resistance
* Life Expectancy in excess of 30 years, as assessed by BBA (British Board of Agreement)
* Recyclable and environmentally friendly
* Reduced Installation time
* Lightweight

Improved Appearance

* Renolit Alkorplan is adaptable to most roof surfaces
* Available in a wide range of colours
* Seamless installation allows for a professional, improved new look

Fire Safety

* A flameless installation process allows us to eliminate any hazards during fitting and with fire-retardant membranes, this protection is extended throughout.